About Definitely Boring Humans

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Welcome to Definitely Boring Humans, an on chain "event" based collection with a couple fun twists. This collection is mainly focused around three different types of tokens, the humans, the hunters, and the blood gods. The total number of tokens in the collection will be 10,000 with there being 6,334 humans, 3,000 hunters, and 666 blood gods. Each of these tokens has a special role to play in the "event" portion of the collection with the hunters and the blood gods having the more involved roles while the humans are the base for everything.

Each token starts with a base amount of points dependent on the type of token they are, humans have a flat 100 points that cannot be increased, hunters start with 300 points and can earn points by saving humans and/or killing blood gods, and finally blood gods start with 500 points and can earn points by killing humans, killing hunters, or sacrificing human tokens to be revived. The ways for the hunters and the blood gods to kill or save a token is handled on chain using a verifiable random number from chainlink by a custom contract function that calculates the number of tokens that are killed and saved. This custom function will be run once a day for seven days by the deployer wallet after a new request for a random number is fulfilled to keep things 100% fair.

For the human and hunter tokens that end up being killed by one of the blood god tokens, they become "dead" tokens that will have their token URI change and the number of points that will be able to be claimed by said token will be halved. For the blood gods that are killed by one of the hunters, said token will become a "dead blood god" with the ability to be revived by sacrificing X amount of tokens, where X is equal to the number of times the blood god has died. For example, if a blood god has just died for it's third time it will require the sacrifice of three human tokens for the blood god to be revived. For each token that is sacrificed the blood god that is being revived will earn ten points. If the blood god is not revived before the time to claim the points, the number of points able to be claimed will be halved.

After the conclusion of the event, the claim for points will be opened for holders to convert the total number of points earned from all tokens held to $PLAGUE. $PLAGUE will become the main token behind all of the Plagued Events ecosystem focused on bringing new and innovative on chain events.

Thank you for taking the time to read about what is in store for the first "event" collection by Plagued Events, as a token of gratitude here is a password to use to join the whitelist. To join, use the password "build" here